About my work

I draw inspiration for my art work from the colours and textures of our natural world, interpreting what I see by transforming fleece into felt.
Felting is an ancient technique which is still used today. It always fascinates me how such seemingly delicate fibres can be manipulated to create a tough, durable fabric.
I enjoy taking a painterly approach when creating my 2D pieces. It is possible to do this by working with fleece as if it is paint. Before starting a piece I prepare my ‘palette’ by selecting the colours I choose to work with and then lay down the ‘ground’, I work on this, blending the fleece by carding the colours to create a multiplicity of shades and tones. This is then wet felted. Once it is dry I needle felt fleece and yarns on to it to create fine detail. The complex textures and layers give interest and intrigue.